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Values award

Did someone make a special effort to help, something that goes beyond just doing their job? Tell us about a volunteer, staff member or team who has demonstrated the Red Cross' values by giving a person or project some extra support.

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A picture of the logo for the Inclusive values award given to British Red Cross staff and volunteers who embody this value in their work

Young Humanitarian award

Young volunteers and staff are our future. Do you know someone under 26 who is making a big contribution to our work?

We have created a special award for young people whose work brings one of the British Red Cross’ values to life. This could be through exceptional leadership skills or playing a key role in a Red Cross project or campaign.

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A picture of the bad awarded to people who win the British Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award

UK national honours and Queen's Badge of Honour

When someone has made an outstanding contribution to their community through working or volunteering with the British Red Cross, we can put them forward for a national honour. These include an MBE, OBE or BEM.

We can also nominate people for the Queen’s Badge of Honour, which recognises those who have given outstanding support to the Red Cross. This is an internal award that can only be held by 30 people at any one time.

These suggestions are reviewed by our awards and honours panel and we will work with you on the nomination if we want to put someone forward.

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A photograph of the badge given to people who win the Queen's Badge of Honour Award from the British Red Cross

Long service award

As a special thank you, we give long service awards to staff or volunteers who have contributed to the Red Cross' work for a number of years. 

Awards are given when people reach five, ten, 20, 30 and 40 years of volunteering or employment. At 40 years, people will receive a special lifetime achievement award.

Our records will keep us informed about when to give eligible staff and volunteers their awards, and we will review them four times a year.

The badge awarded to people who have worked or volunteered for the British Red Cross for 20 years

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