Aviva's partnership with the British Red Cross


We teamed up with Aviva in February 2016 for a three-year partnership to help communities become safer and stronger in times of uncertainty and crisis. 

The company supports our work in a variety of ways:

Crisis training

Aviva worked with us to develop the Supporting People in Crisis training course. 

Aviva now offers this training to its claims assessors. The course teaches these Aviva employees how to care for the customers they are helping with their claims, having endured stressful situations such as fires, floods and burglaries.

Our Supporting People in Crisis course is now award-winning, having won the Insurance Times Award for Excellence in Training, the Customer Care Award at the National Insurance Awards, and the Innovation Award at the British Damage Management Awards.

Emergency partner


Aviva is an honorary member of the Disaster Relief Alliance and a contributor to our Disaster Fund. 

Thanks to Aviva’s support, they have helped us to respond to emergencies at home and around the world. From raising the profile of the Lake Chad crisis, where millions were surviving on just one meal a day; to providing funds to help those impacted by the terror attack in Manchester.

Emergency app

Aviva sponsored the launch of the British Red Cross’ Emergency app.


This free app sends live emergency alerts. It also features advice for dealing with extreme weather, terror attacks and other crisis situations.

The app has been downloaded over 58,000 times. It’s sent more than 3 million alerts.


Missing Maps


Aviva employees across 12 countries have taken part in our Missing Maps sessions. 

Together they’ve helped us to chart over 200,000 buildings and 28,000 km of roads in Malawi, Nepal and Haiti. 

This digital volunteering helps our emergency teams to find their way around remote regions.

Sharing knowledge


Aviva has unrivalled experience in risk management.

Thanks to our partnership they share valuable expertise with the British Red Cross including on digital strategy. This supports our long-term work in preparing vulnerable communities to deal with disasters.