Ukraine crisis appeal: The difference you made

Thank you

In the first year following the escalation of conflict in Ukraine, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been at the forefront of the humanitarian response. Supporters of our Ukraine crisis appeal have empowered an international relief effort that is far reaching, supporting people in Ukraine, neighbouring countries, right through to the UK.

Our report, Ukraine crisis appeal: The difference you made, looks back at some of the amazing things your support has made happen so far.

Download the report (PDF)

Download the executive summary (PDF)

Two Ukraine Red Cross volunteers getting read for deployment.

In April, the ICRC visited Irpin, to give medical assistance to the thousands of people who were still trapped, such as the homeless, elderly and those with limited mobility. Credit: ICRC April 2022.

Ukrainian Red Cross volunteer helps a woman who has fled her home to find shoes.

Ukrainian Red Cross volunteer, Jana Zovdun, helps a woman who has fled her home find a fitting pair of shoes in Uzhhorod. Marko Kokic/IFRC 24 March 2022.