Coronavirus Newsthink

Coronavirus: Covid-19 outbreak

Get informed about the current Covid-19 outbreak, learn about misinformation, and focus on what acts of kindness we can do to build resilience, stay positive and be healthy

A Red Cross volunteer wears a mask and carries a cardboard box outside a door to a building.
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Disasters and emergencies, Newsthink

This edition of Newsthink encourages learners to build resilience in emergencies and consider ways that members of the public can look after each other and to understand the facts about the coronavirus pandemic. Learners will develop skills to engage critically with information they receive. It also explores the role of practical acts of kindness and emotional support during a disease outbreak.

Learning objectives

Learners will: 

  • understand what both the coronavirus and a pandemic are
  • gain knowledge and understanding of expert advice on health and safety
  • explore the phenomenon of 'misinformation': understand why fact-checking is so important and encourage critical-thinking in difficult situations
  • explore the meaning of kindness, and how they can start developing this in their own lives.

Resource overview

1. Definitions activity: what is coronavirus?

Learners will reflect on their understanding of key definitions being used in the news and build resilience by being correctly informed. 

2. Poster activity: what should we do? 

Learners will review the best practise guidance and create good advice to share with friends on keeping yourself and others safe from the virus. 

 3. Quiz activity: how do we spot misinformation? 

Learners will take part in a quiz to evaluate myths and fake news surrounding Covid-19 and understand how better to spot fake news in general.  

4. Discussion activity: kindness and resilience  

Learners will focus on staying positive as a means of mental and emotional resilience and discuss what acts of kindness can be done to build resilience in the community.

5. Photo activity: recovery 

Learners will look at a photo of a family coming out of isolation and focus on getting through difficult times resiliently. 

This resource was written by the British Red Cross and published in March 2020 and last updated in February 2021.

Image Credit: © Amara Eno/British Red Cross