Key dates to help you plan your lessons

Resource ideas linked to key dates and awareness days to help with lesson planning.

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Planning lessons for the term/s ahead?

Use our list of awareness days and events with the relevant teaching resources to plan topical, engaging lessons.

We offer a range of resources which are suitable for primary and secondary teachers covering ages 5-18.

Spring Term


Help children and young people to cope with home-schooling with our home-learning resources. There are resources on kindness, resilience building, wellbeing and first aid. 

National Heart Month

Give young people (aged 11–18) the skills, confidence and willingness to step in and help when someone is having a heart attack with this first aid teaching resource. 

Children’s mental health week 
(1-7 February)

Try our wellbeing activities. Watch animations with quick activities to help improve learners’ wellbeing.

Safer Internet Day
(11 February)

Encourage your learners to think about the positives and negatives and how to use devices and platforms in a positive way. 

Try the 'Using social media for good' activity in the kindness and resilience resource (ages 11-16) 

Red Hand Day
(12 February)

Introduce your citizenship or PSHE class to the plight of children forced to serve as soldiers by using these teaching resources:

Random Acts of Kindness Day 
(17 February)

Celebrate the power of kindness, encourage compassion and introduce simple acts of kindness to your students with all our kindness resources

Stress awareness month

Use our understanding stress resource to help young people manage their own stress and help them to support other. 


World Health Day
(7 April)


For this day that brings attention to important health issues around the world, use our first aid resources to teach your class or tutor group about asthma, meningitis and more. 


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