Child Safety Week: kindness, safety and first aid at home

Learn about safety and first aid at home, including first aid for burns, and reflect on a kinder world.  

support-man-and-child-holding-hands-in-silhouette-looking-at-sunset (1)

With the coronavirus crisis forcing us to spend more time at home, we explore how to stay safe in our homes and reflect on a kinder future. Using the theme of this year’s Child Safety Week we focus on accidents in the home and how to help someone with a burn.

With these creative activities, children and young people will learn how to keep themselves and others safe and learn some simple first aid skills. They can put their kindness into practice by sharing new skills with others.  

Learning objectives:  

Learners will: 

  • be able to spot dangers in the home  
  • help someone with a burn 
  • connect with others by sharing skills 
  • reflect on coping and kindness and think about a more positive future. 

Activities are suitable for primary and secondary learners, with differentiated activities where needed. Learners will use a range of videos, images and creative ideas.   

Resource overview 

1. Safety at home  
Children and young people will learn how to stay safe at home by exploring different images and identifying the dangers. They’ll also learn some simple first aid skills for bleeds, burns and head injuries through videos and interactive quizzes.  

You can learn more skills on our new learning site, First aid champions. We’ve created a specific pathway to help parents navigate around the site.

2. Sharing skills 

What new skills have been learned in lockdown? Put kindness into action by sharing new skills with others through these creative ideas.  

3. Looking to the future 

Reflection and gratitude activities can help children and young people manage their feelings and difficult situations. Look to the future through creative writing and drawing activities that use imagination and visualisation techniques.   

4. Reflecting on kindness 

Don’t forget to use our kindness calendar to record acts of kindness and celebrate all that has been achieved.  

This resource was written by the British Red Cross and published in May 2020.