Refugees: Welcome

Consider the welcome shown to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and explore the impact of welcoming on new arrivals in the future.

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Lesson plan
Art and design, Citizenship, Drama, English, PSHE
Refugees and migration

Help young people gain a better understanding of the humanitarian impact of the refugee crisis.

The discussion ideas, drama activities, photos and a short film will build learners’ empathy for the real people affected by the crisis. Young people will also be encouraged to consider the difference a welcome could make to someone seeking asylum and refuge.


Learning objectives

Learners will: 

  • increase their understanding of the refugee crisis and develop awareness of the personal stories behind the numbers and headlines
  • consider how language can change perspectives
  • explore emotions and words associated with the idea of feeling welcome and consider the positive impact a welcome could have.


Resource overview

  1. Key facts sheet
    Helpful definitions and background information build understanding of the refugee crisis.
  2. Discussion: Build understanding
    Learners consider what it might be like to be a young refugee and use photos to look at the story of a Syrian refugee in Glasgow.
  3. Discussion: Building empathy
    Explore how language can change perspectives through a short film.
  4. Drama activity: Welcome
    Explore the language and emotions associated with feeling welcome and unwelcome. Use drama techniques to consider how you could make people feel welcome.
  5. Poetry: Welcome words
    Experiment with language to express a message of welcome for refugees and asylum seekers.
  6. Next steps
    Suggestions for practical actions to help young people consider what they could do to make refugees and asylum seekers feel welcome in their schools and communities.


These resources were written by Rob Bowden of Lifeworlds Learning and published in May 2016. Reviewed September 2017.

The photo shows Yamat, a refugee from Syria, shows a picture of her new home in Glasgow (© Conor Ashleigh/British Red Cross 2015).