Tackling loneliness

Use a range of mixed media resources to explore loneliness and how we can help people who feel lonely

Illustration of a diverse group of individuals.

The characters that learners can use to explore loneliness 

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Loneliness can badly affect young people. We've developed a set of resources in partnership with Aviva for educators to use with young learners.

The resources focus on some key themes surrounding loneliness and coping. Each document contains a selection of activities which educators can use to individually or together to build a lesson plan.

The activities use animated films, illustrated characters, videos, podcasts and music to explore the topic of loneliness with primary and secondary learners. 


Learning objectives

Learners will:

  • identify and discuss what loneliness is and how it makes us act
  • recognise situations and events that might make people feel lonely
  • talk openly about loneliness and maintain meaningful connections with others
  • learn what we can do to cope with loneliness and help others who feel lonely

What is loneliness?

Explore what loneliness is, how it can make us act and who it can affect with this animated film.

Use this selection of suggested discussion and creative activities to explore further with learners. Learners will meet characters in the video that they'll get to know more in later activities.


One of the characters

Stories of loneliness

Use the PowerPoint of the characters introduced in the animated video and some suggested activities to explore loneliness in more depth. Learners can delve into their stories to better understand how loneliness affects everyone differently and how we can help.

What meaningful connections do you have?

We know that meaningful connections and conversations are key to tackling loneliness. Use the video of young people talking to their most meaningful connection and activities to explore the topic with learners. Discuss why connections are important to us and encourage them to interview their best friend or close family member like the young people in the video.

large music note

Music notes

Helping others who are lonely

Explore how we can help people with kind acts and words and active listening activities. For secondary learners they can explore resources created by young volunteers including a blog and Spotify playlist of happy songs and stories.


Talking about loneliness

Secondary learners can develop their understanding of others and their experiences of loneliness using The Kind Place podcast featuring two young people sharing their experiences of isolation and loneliness. Explore the episode with learners by discussing the different topics raised.

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