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About the service

This service is for members or representatives of voluntary, community and other local organisations or groups to request support for the organisation or group.

It is provided by the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) a range of volunteer organisations collaborating on emergency responses regionally and nationally.

Use this service for needs that local councils for voluntary service, local authority hubs and local resilience forums cannot answer.

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You can only request support for an organisation or group through this service. If you are looking for help for an individual visit or Currently we are only able to process support requests for organisations in England.

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For example: "A few food banks are being combined into a central food bank. We need a large number of volunteers to help with safe handling and transport of food and supplies from the central site." Your request may be delayed if you do not give enough detail. Include specifics like quantities of required resources.

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Information submitted in this form will be processed on behalf of the VCSEP by British Red Cross, and then shared with VCSEP members which can provide services relevant to your request. For a full list of VCSEP members, visit Your information will only be shared with organisations that confirm they can support your needs. You may be contacted directly by that VCSEP partner, or be provided with relevant contact information to continue your request.