04 December 2019

Leading international humanitarian law expert and British Red Cross Head of International Law, Michael Meyer OBE, has been awarded the highest honour in the Red Cross Movement.

29 November 2019

A British Red Cross spokesperson said: “The British Red Cross is in communication with the authorities regarding the incident that occurred at London Bridge today"

19 November 2019

The British Red Cross calls for changes to the law to give people more say in how they are treated when disasters or emergencies strike in the UK

14 November 2019

The British Red Cross has given £50,000 from its Disaster Fund to help people who have been most affected by the flooding in Yorkshire and the Midlands.

24 October 2019

The Red Cross has warned that more than seven thousand refugees and migrants trapped in Bosnia and Herzegovina are in desperate need of help ahead of winter.

24 October 2019

British Red Cross Director of Refugee Support & Restoring Family Links, Alex Fraser, said: “Each of the 39 people that have died has a family and friends that will be devastated by their loss

23 October 2019

While we are closing our event first aid service, we will still provide first aid training for individuals, communities and businesses.

26 September 2019

Islanders from British Overseas Territories have raised impressive funds to help Bahamians affected by Hurricane Dorian.

18 September 2019

Her Majesty The Queen has donated to the British Red Cross Disaster Fund in recognition of the relief efforts in the Bahamas following the devastating Hurricane Dorian.

12 September 2019

For the very first time, school children across England will learn lifesaving skills as part of the school curriculum, a monumental moment after ten years of campaigning by the British Red Cross and partners.