Making connections: passing on your knowledge and skills

There are lots of ways to pass on your skills in the modern world and this resource can help you.

Ways to share your skills

A great way to strengthen and widen your connections is to pass on our knowledge and skills to other people. 
There are many ways of teaching and sharing your skills and knowledge with others and these can vary depending on the task and your level of confidence.

Share your favourite recipe

Write some instructions for someone else to follow. The best recipes have a list of ingredients followed by a description of what to do. It’s useful to know how long something is going to take. Recipes with instructions can be useful to someone as they can refer back to the instructions any time to remember what to do. You might want to include pictures if you can.


Good at DIY or making clothes? Share your other skills

You can do exactly the same with something else you have made – such as a DIY project or making clothes. 
Consider what skills you would like to show someone else. Write down what steps you would need to show to someone else and what the key points for success are that they will need to know. 

Small chocolate cakes with coffee bean decorations sit on a plate.


Teaching tasks face to face

The key is to break down the task into small steps and start slowly. Some people can find learning a complicated skill frustrating, so it is important to work at their pace and repeat steps where necessary. 
We have lots of ways of seeing people face to face now such as visiting in person where it is safe to do so or making a video call. Practise talking through each step of your skill – which bits need more or less detail? How can you make it really interesting?

Making a plan to share your knowledge and skills

Here is a list of questions you can use to help you plan a knowledge-sharing session. Copy them out and write the answers with your ideas.

  • What do I want to show others?
  • Who do I want to show it to?
  • How do I want to show them?
  • What are the steps I need to take them through?
  • What questions might they ask and what are the answers?
  • What other resources like pictures will I need to use?
  • How long will it take?

What else can you do?

This video shows another way people are sharing their knowledge and skills.

Watch the film and then write down all the other ways you can share with other people: who would most benefit from your help? How can you reach them? What would you like to learn from others?

How can you pass your skills on to some you don’t normally engage with? Think about who you could contact and how. It could be a local neighbourhood group or a bigger organisation. Write down who you would like to help and who to contact.

More resources that can help you

The British Red Cross has created a range of resources for building confidence and connecting with others. You can find out more about the project, or click the links below to get started.


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