How to feel less lonely

Ideas and activities for using what you have available.

Looking at what you have available

Having a wide range of resources can make you more resilient and able to cope better. A resource is anything or anyone you can go to as a way towards helping yourself. This could include:

  • other people, like family, friends and neighbours or a key worker
  • reference books
  • the internet
  • a social club, special interest group or religious organisation.

Using your resources

Watch the video. Think about which resources you would use in different situations. Which would be most useful for:

  • filling out a form
  • having a cup of tea with friends
  • going to the doctors
  • applying for a job
  • looking for help at home?

Do your resources also help you feel more connected, and less lonely? Try drawing a circle, writing 'Me' in the middle and around that writing how all your different resources help you. How does thinking about your resources make you feel?

Developing your resilience

Resilience means keeping going when things are difficult. Identifying which of your resources you can turn to for support, guidance or help increases your resilience. Ask yourself:

  1. How do your different resources make you more resilient? Think of times your resources helped you.
  2. Can you be a useful resource for someone else? Write down how you can support others, like listening, posting a letter, giving a lift or collecting shopping or prescriptions.
  3. Think about times when you've supported someone else and how it made you feel.

More resources you might find useful

The British Red Cross has created a range of resources for building confidence and connecting with others. You can find out more about the project, or click the links below to get started.

Make connections

Build coping skills