Using what we have around us

There are many things we have around us that are useful to solve challenges and improve wellbeing. Recognising what we have can help us to be more resilient. Watch the video and use the activities to help you explore what and who you have around you that can support you.

What is a resource?

Look around the space you are in. What ‘resources’ can you see? If you can, make a checklist, take a photo or draw a picture of the resources you can see. You can make it a challenge and only give a few minutes. Time it, how many can you see?

Now look at your list: What kinds of things did you choose? Why did you choose those things? What makes something a resource – can you come up with a definition?

A resource is something you use. Resources can help you do something well. They are important in overcoming challenges. It can be a thing like pen and paper, or a skill like knowing how to read or a person like your friends, but it can also be a feeling, idea or ability you have, like your kindness. Think about the web of connections, circles of control and stress patterns videos and activities. What resources, like skills, activities and ideas have you gained from these? What resources, like connections, kindness, wellbeing, did these activities help you to understand you already had? Go back to your list. Are there any ideas, skills or people in the space as you that you can add? Think about how resources help our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Again, why did you pick these things and how can they help you?

Using what we have around us

Watch the what I do have video and do the activity about your resources.

It can help to focus on the problem or situation that you need the resources for. Think of the resources you have to help you in the following situations:

  • When studying for an exam or working on a project
  • On a long trip or holiday
  • When you feel lonely
  • In an emergency and you suddenly had to leave your home, and maybe your country

Remember it can only be things that you already have and things that only have positive effects on your wellbeing. Reflect on which resources you pick for each situation. How does it change? Are there any resources that are useful in every situation?

Reflect on what you have, be it people, things, coping mechanism, ideas or activities, that can help you when you feel lonely.


This resource was made with support from the British Red Cross pyschosocial team.