Who to turn to if you're stressed or lonely

Find your meaningful connections, for support in difficult times

Meaningful connections 

When you feel lonely and stressed, meaningful connections with other people can help.

Watch the video and do the activities on managing your relationships with others, ways to feel less lonely and helping others through their loneliness.

What are connections?

What does the word mean to you? And what makes a connection meaningful for you? We can use the word 'connection' to talk about the people we know and how we communicate with them.

  1. Think of 5 ways connecting with others can help support your wellbeing.
  2. What things do you need to remember to protect your wellbeing?
  3. Consider how you could help others and their wellbeing.

Web of connections

Use the video activity to identify people you can reach out to. Now think about ways you can connect. How would you get in touch if you were feeling lonely? How can they reach out to you?

Understanding others

Why and how often you feel lonely, and how you show it, may differ from someone else. Remembering that other people feel and experience things differently can help you understand them.

Think about the needs of the people in your web of connections. How do you know when they feel lonely? What can you do to support them? Write this down if it helps you to reflect and remember.

Supporting yourself

How can you support yourself when your connections are not available? As an example, you could write an email, letter or postcard, or record a video or voice note.


Sometimes just putting our feelings into words can help us. Read or listen and reflect for yourself on what you said. Do you feel the same as you did when you said these things? Does listening back give you some ideas of how you could help yourself with some of the issues raised?


This resource was made with support from the British Red Cross psychosocial team.