Who helps me when I feel lonely?

Listen to young people talk about how they stay connected and how their connections are meaningful to them.

Now more than ever we are all thinking about the people in our lives and how important they are to us, especially those that are far away. There are still ways we can connect and feel close.

Watch the video of young people talking about how they stay connected with each other, how they help each other when they feel lonely and what they like about each other.


Listen and reflect

  • What different connections did people have with each other?
  • What activities did they do together?
  • How did they help each other feel better?

What makes a connection and a conversation ‘meaningful’ is really up to us. How would you define the word ‘meaningful’?


Who helps you when you are lonely?

Does watching this video make you think about someone specific in your life? Who helps you the most when you feel lonely? Can you:

  • remember how you met and how long you’ve known each other?
  • describe that person in three words
  • list some ways this person helps you feel better
  • list some ways you help them

If you are a creative person you can express yourself in a poem, a song, or a painting. Creative activities can be good for our wellbeing too.


Can you start a conversation like this?

Having meaningful conversations with people we care about is an important way to tackle loneliness. Could you have a conversation with your most meaningful connection like the young people did in the video?

After you’ve had the conversation reflect on how it made you both feel, did it help you feel better?

Starting open conversations about loneliness and listening to others can help them with their feelings of loneliness. Actively listening is when we make real effort to think about what the other person is saying. Can you make more effort to listen actively to conversations you have with others?

One way to do this is to check your understanding with the person speaking. At the end of the conversation feedback and ask if you’ve understood their meaning and feelings correctly. Sometimes we can interpret things very differently from how people meant them, checking understanding can help clear up misunderstandings and show the person you are really trying to understand them.