Text to donate

Donating via text message is an easy way to support our work using your mobile phone.

Text-to-donate promotions

You can give to the appeals on this page using your mobile phone. 

By texting the KEYWORD to the short number shown, you will be opting in to receive further marketing from the British Red Cross. To give without consenting to marketing, text the KEYWORD, followed by NO, for example HELP NO.

Or you can reply STOP to the text message you receive when you make your gift. 

For more information on giving by text – please scroll to the bottom of the page to read our full Terms and Conditions.


Current promotions


UK Coronavirus Response

  • Text UNITED to 70141 to donate £10 
  • Text STAND to 70141 to donate £20
  • Text PANDEMIC to 70141 to donate £30 
  • Text TOGETHER to 70141 to donate £10 
  • Text UNITE to 70141 to donate £20
  • Text RESPOND to 70141 to donate £30 


The British Red Cross will use your donation wherever the need is greatest in the UK.




General Fund

  • Text REDCROSS to 70141 to donate £10
  • Text  GLOBAL to 70141 to donate £20
  • Text  SUPPORT to 70141 to donate £30

The British Red Cross will use your donation wherever the need is greatest, both internationally and in the UK.



Gift Aid

If you are a UK Taxpayer, please consider furthering your support through Gift Aid, which allows us to claim an extra 25p from every £1 you give, including your text donations. You just need to have paid enough tax to cover the donations you make in the tax year. To sign up, just follow the link on this page.


Gift Aid Form page

To find out more about text-to-donate promotions, get in touch

Phone number:

0300 456 1155 

Calls charged at your phone operator’s UK landline rate

How to donate by text: terms and conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for our current text-to-donate promotions:

British Red Cross text-to-donate promotions

The donation will be added to your next phone bill, plus your standard network text charge.

We’ll receive 100 per cent of your £1.50/£3/£5/£10/£20/£30 donation.

You cannot donate from a mobile phone in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, or from outside of the UK.

If the keyword or short code you text is invalid, you may still be charged your standard network message charge. You’ll not be charged for a donation as you’ll not be donating to the British Red Cross.

If you send a text in error to British Red Cross numbers (70600, 70141, 70507 or 70607) it’s likely that you’ll be charged if the keyword in your text is ‘active’.

You’ll know the keyword is active if you receive a text from the British Red Cross to confirm the donation.

If this has happened, please contact your network directly to claim a refund.

If your network will not refund the donation, you should contact the British Red Cross.

However, we’ll not be able to make the refund until the payment has cleared in our account. This may take over 90 days.

If we raise more money than can reasonably be spent on relief work for a specific appeal, we’ll use your donation to respond to humanitarian disasters elsewhere.

Any donations we receive to short codes or keywords that we are no longer promoting may also be used wherever the need is greatest.

All supporters must obtain permission from the bill payer before sending a text message. If you are under 16, you must have your parent or guardian's permission to send a text donation to the British Red Cross.

You’ll only receive future marketing texts and/or telephone calls from us if you have agreed to this.

Please remember to read the terms and conditions. Text STOP to the message you receive from us should you no longer wish to receive texts from the British Red Cross. You may be charged for this text at your standard text rate. To stop our texts, you can also call us free on 0800 2800 491 or email supportercare@redcross.org.uk.

You can donate a maximum of £10 in one text donation and no more than £30 in any 24-hour period. These restrictions are imposed by the mobile network operators.

Regular giving by text

Have you chosen to make a regular donation by text? Then we’ll send you a text each month as a reminder.

You can choose to skip a month’s payment by texting SKIP to 70002. This must be done within 24 hours of receiving the reminder.

You can stop your monthly £3 or £5 donation at any time. Just text STOP to 70002 or call 0203 282 7862.

Viewing our online content on a mobile phone may incur data charges. Texting SKIP or STOP will be charged at your network’s standard rate.