Coton Manor

A lovely garden with colourful borders, interesting water features and views over the surrounding farmland

Outdoor garden at Coton Manor surrounded by tall flowers and green plants.

12 July 2022


Opening times:
Entrance Fee:
 £20.00, includes drinks and canapes
Garden Owner:
Ian and Susie Pasley-Tyler

For all enquiries, please get in touch with Jayne Owens by email at or by phones 07793 883128

The garden at Coton Manor dates back to the 1920s. It is situated on sloping ground overlooking Ravensthorpe Reservoir to the south, with typical Northamptonshire views to the south-west and west over farmland.

The pond below the house is spring fed and there is water running through the garden in streams, rills, canals and pools. There are many colourful borders with some quieter areas in the woodland, a water garden, a bog garden, a wildflower meadow and the bluebell wood. Ducks, bantams and flamingos wander freely in the lower part of the garden and longhorn cows graze in the surrounding fields.

There is a well-stocked plant nursery and a small garden shop.


Coton Manor


  • Refreshments
  • No dogs
  • Toilets
  • Car Parking
  • Large specialist nursery