It starts with her. But only when you stand with her.

Thank you for donating. Your gift has been doubled.

In Bangladesh, a looks at the viewer. There is wood in the background and text that says: You can help strong women build stronger communities in Bangladesh. The UK Aid logo is on the lower right of the photograph.

This appeal is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has donated to help make thousands of strong women stronger. Every pound given will be matched by the UK government, up to £2 million, through UK Aid Match.

As we enter unprecedented times, building resilience in vulnerable communities is needed now more than ever. Thanks to your help, we can ensure that thousands of strong women in Barishal’s slum communities have the support, training and tools they need. They can use them to earn an income, build their savings and raise their voices to help their communities stand strong every day and during a crisis.

Meet Josna

For Josna, female empowerment and women’s rights only existed in the news, in other countries. Making decisions was typically left to the men in her community, and women weren’t seen as capable. Josna realised she had to do something.

She had always dreamt of being a leader who could help her community. Today, with the help of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, she’s doing exactly that.

Josna is now the president of her area’s Community Disaster Management Committee, managing dozens of volunteers as they work to build a brighter future for everyone. Together, they tackle health risks, period poverty, early child marriage, flood preparedness and other challenges their community faces.

With your help, we can train more women like Josna to build a sustainable future for their whole community.

In Barishal, Bangladesh, a woman and man smile at the camera.


Why should I sit at the back? If men can sit at the front, then so can I.

All public donations made to our It Starts With Her appeal before 7 April 2020 will fund our overseas work and will be matched by the UK government up to £2 million. Matched funding from the UK government will be used to build sustainable livelihoods and safer communities in Bangladesh.