How we assess the British Red Cross Values Awards 

Our values- Dynamic, Courageous, Compassionate and Inclusive are at the heart of what we stand for.

They are the foundation of our culture, behaviours and ways of working. Our values are the way we talk about who we are and who we want to be.

Nominations are assessed on how well a British Red Cross volunteer or staff member demonstrates one or more of our values when they go above and beyond to help a person, team or area of work.

You can either nominate an individual or a team up to 20 team members. Please ensure that you do not copy and paste nominations for several individuals or several teams.

There are two types of Values in Action Awards, Significant where recipients will receive a certificate and Exceptional where recipients will receive a badge and certificate. Please note that we no longer issue individual value Values in Action Awards.

The information below will help you write your nomination and explain which value or values the person that you are nominating has demonstrated:


Being compassionate is about, standing for kindness, ensuring people come first, no matter who or where they are. Having genuine open-minded conversations and being a united force for good.

In action this may look like:

  • listening and communicating thoughtfully
  • reducing the distress of people in crisis
  • building relationships, understanding other’s individuals needs and perspectives
  • enabling others to thrive
  • providing targeted and timely support
  • championing the success of others
  • championing personal wellbeing

See the person first – Look after myself – Empower others


Being courageous is about being bold and not being scared to test creative ideas. Showing our strength by doing the right thing and going the extra mile to help people in crisis.

In action this may look like:

  • sharing thoughts
  • respectfully challenging people to get the best results
  • proactively sharing information and stories about your work and role
  • making informed choices by being clear on the BRC policies and my priorities
  • communicate openly, transparently and with integrity
  • being authentic
  • willing to show vulnerability

Speak up – Commit -Am authentic


Being dynamic is about moving forward as one team, adapting, innovating and learning. Being calm, quick and efficient when the unexpected happens and responding smartly using clear processes and systems.

In action this may look like:

  • open to change and different ways of doing things
  • testing ideas
  • embracing change
  • staying calm and refocusing when the unexpected happens
  • embracing room to grow and improve
  • building skills and abilities

Experiment – Adapt - Grow


Being inclusive is about being open to all, treating each other with dignity and respect. Celebrating, valuing and supporting every person’s uniqueness.

In action this may look like:

  • seeking out, listening and learning from people with different perspectives and experiences to my own
  • using diverse feedback on my views, assumptions and decisions to shape my actions
  • encourage change and inclusivity
  • take action to challenge the barriers different people face
  • create safe spaces for people to share their individual experiences
  • recognise, respect and celebrate peoples differences in what I say and do

Collaborate – Advocate – Create Space

General tips for submitting nominations:

  • provide evidence about the person’s actions, showing how they demonstrated the values and went above and beyond or how they made a difference
  • be clear and concise
  • make use of the 400-word limit – the Values in Action Forum, made up of staff and volunteers, want to hear all about how this person or team has gone above and beyond in their duties
  • share tangible examples and clear evidence of the impact they have made
  • refer to the value or values and demonstrate how the nominee(s) embodies them