How we assess the awards

The British Red Cross has created four organisational values that embody the spirit of our work. Nominations are assessed on how well someone shows our values when they give extra help to a person, team or area of work.

The information below will help you write your nomination and explain why someone deserves to win an award.


Being compassionate is about showing kindness, actively listening and helping. 

This might look like someone who:

  • always makes time to actively listen to others and cares about their feelings
  • supports others by caring for their feelings and constructively to help develop their thinking
  • cares about achieving positive outcomes for people in crisis and demonstrates this in their work
  • helps people from wherever they come from to find their own way forward.


Being courageous is about taking ownership, making bold decisions and trusting and empowering others.

This might look like someone who:

  • explores new projects, changes or ways of working with enthusiasm
  • ready to take a decision that’s different or radical, while being aware of the risks
  • takes on difficult challenges willingly
  • questions how things are done rather than accepting the way things have always been done.


Being dynamic is about using evidence and insight to adapt and innovate with pace.

This might look like someone who:

  • communicates a sense of urgency and the importance of our work to motivate others
  • isn't afraid to make mistakes and learns from them
  • looks for new solutions and better ways of working
  • prioritises effectively to maximise impact.


Being inclusive is about embracing diverse perspectives so that we can achieve the extraordinary together.

This might look like someone who:

  • actively seeks to involve people with different backgrounds, experiences and outlooks on life
  • encourages everyone’s contributions, whoever they are regardless of role or status
  • recognises we all have biases, and works to look past them
  • gets better results by bringing people to work together rather than individually.

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