Digital classrooms for young people aged under 19 years old

Our free digital sessions for children and young people cover a range of topics including first aid, empathy, migration and more. We have many options designed to suit different needs.


We have a variety of digital sessions for young people based on your circumstances.

Digital classrooms

These are virtual sessions held over Zoom for young people between 16 and 19 years old.

First Aid 

A digital classroom where you will learn essential first aid skills. We'll help you to build the confidence and willingness to help someone in an emergency, using everyday objects that you have around you. We also show you where to get support if you have an injury or illness.

Empathy and Migration

A digital classroom to learn more about your community: this workshop is based on stories, discussions and interactive activities, and will explore your relationships with others and help you to develop mutual respect and understanding of your community.

Red Cross in your classroom

These sessions are aimed at teachers looking to have a Red Cross educator in their classroom via a video call who can virtually run a session with their learners.

Back to better

In March, we were told stay home, and life as we knew it changed. Football stopped, live music stopped, events we were looking forward to were postponed and cancelled. Restaurants and non-essential shops closed their doors to us, and we bought all the pasta and toilet roll in the supermarkets.  This session allows us to reflect on the things that have happened, how we coped and how can we prepare for the future.

First Aid

The British Red Cross will join you in your classroom by video call. We will introduce you to the work that we do in the UK, discuss how we give help in an emergency and deliver some simple first aid skills (using what's in your classroom to help) in a fun and interactive way.  

Empathy and Migration

The British Red Cross will join you in your classroom by video call. We’ll look at the different reasons people leave home, help you to develop empathy about migrants' motives for moving and understand the obstacles they face in their new homes. We can help you to challenge assumptions about migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as develop mutual respect and understanding of your community by using stories to build empathy.

All of our youth sessions can be booked through our support centre: 

Fast facts about our digital classrooms

Your most frequently asked questions answered. If your question is not answered, please contact us on or 0344 412 2734.

I don’t know anything about first aid – is this for me?
You don’t need to have any previous experience, just a willingness to take part.

How much does it cost?
FREE! There is no cost to you or your organisation. If you wish to undertake a certified course such as first aid at work, please contact Red Cross Training who will advise you on what type of course that you need. 

Will this session give me a qualification?
We can provide a certificate of learning which you can fill in yourself, but this does not meet any workplace requirements. For accredited first aid courses, please visit

Who is delivering these classes?
All sessions are delivered by trained British Red Cross educators. They have a great deal of experience in humanitarian and first aid education.

What equipment do I need?
You can join in on a computer, tablet or smartphone. You may benefit from the larger screen on a computer if you have one available. Red Cross in your classroom has different requirements. Please contact if you are unsure.

What platform do you use to deliver?
We currently use zoom to deliver our sessions. We can provide the Red Cross in your classroom workshop over Teams if that is preferred. We are exploring other platforms. Please mention at time of booking if you use another video conferencing software. 

How long do sessions last?
It depends on the type of session you are joining. Adult sessions typically last between 60-90 minutes and Youth are around 60 minutes. If you have special requirements, please get in touch, and we can discuss them with you.

What kind of things will I learn?
What you learn will depend on the session you attend. Our educators have specific learning outcomes for each class.

What can I do to prepare?
No preparation is required, just make sure your surrounding environment is quiet so you can hear and contribute. You may wish to download our free first aid app from your app store.

Where can I find out more information?
We have a range of first aid resources on our website, which freely are available to anyone that wishes to learn key life saving skills to use in an emergency. 

With the British Red Cross apps - you’re only two taps away from learning how to help someone in a first aid emergency. These are free to download for your app store, letting you learn simple first aid skills at a time to suit you.