Emergency bingo

A fun icebreaker to help learners gain awareness of the key aspects of emergencies.

Young people working together at school
Quick activity
Disasters and emergencies

This is an engaging icebreaker helping children and young people to get to know something about each other quickly, while also raising awareness of emergencies and coping strategies.


Learning objectives

Learners will:

  • explore the definition of an emergency
  • identify different emergencies they could face
  • consider how people cope with emergency situations.


Resource overview

  • Activity: Bingo
    Download the bingo cards, filled with different emergency scenarios. The task for the group is to fill in their cards, writing in the name of someone in the room who fits the criteria. Encourage learners to discuss the emergencies and how people cope with them.


This resource was written by P J White and produced in May 2008.

Photo of schoolchildren working together © DGLimages/iStock.