Free education workshops for young people

Find out about our first aid and refugee and migration workshops for 10-19 year-olds.

A British Red Cross workshop in a school.

Our education helps young people understand, cope with, and take action in a crisis. 

We offer fully funded workshops in schools and youth work settings in areas where young people are at higher risk of experiencing a crisis related to drug/alcohol use, incidents involving knives (or other sharp objects) and stigmatising behaviour.

What do the workshops cover?

The free workshops, delivered by Red Cross educators, aim to help 10–19 year olds learn first aid and/or explore the impact of stigmatising behaviour towards refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

First aid workshops

  • Learn essential first aid skills, including how to help someone who is unresponsive and breathing/not breathing, bleeding heavily or has a burn.
  • Assess and manage risks to make informed choices when helping others.
  • Build the confidence and willingness to help in a first aid emergency.

Refugees and migration workshops

  • Explore assumptions about terms such as 'refugee', 'migrant' and 'asylum seeker'.
  • Understand why someone might have to flee their home.
  • Analyse the harmful effects of unwelcoming, hostile or discriminating behaviour.
  • Consider how individual actions can help someone feel more welcome.

How can I find out more?

To find out more about how we could help young people in your area, please contact our youth education support centre.

Call: 0344 412 2734



The photo shows a British Red Cross workshop in a school © Adam Fradgley (UNP) for BRC.