Kindness activity pack

This wellbeing pack includes activities around kindness, coping, recognising feelings and learning new skills.

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Free printed copies to use with your class available to order now!

Being kind not only supports others it helps us feel good too. Kindness makes challenges easier to cope with and improves wellbeing.

This engaging activity pack helps children ages 5-14 learn about the power of kindness. It encourages them to do small acts of kindness each day to help their community, family and themselves.

You can order free printed copies of our full colour, 20-page pack to use with your class or youth group. And you can download a digital version here too.

About the free pack 

Our kindness activity pack includes: 

  • A kindness calendar: helps children think about the importance of kindness and how small acts of kindness can make a big difference.
  • A blank postcard to encourage children to create a message of kindness for someone they know.
  • Creative activities: colouring is a great way to be kind to yourself and helps children to focus and relax.
  • Coping strategies: using activities like breathing with colour and 'What is wellbeing?' to offer ways young people can be kind to themselves.
  • An emotion tracker to help manage emotions and feelings as we all go through change and stressful circumstances.
  • Activities to help us stay connected with others. Children will think about and understand other people’s feelings and explore how change can affect us.
  • The final activity encourages children to learn a new skill. They’ll practice some simple first aid and reflect on how learning new skills can make you feel.

The printed pack is available to order in English, Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Tigrinya.

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Kindness pack translated

Our kindness pack is also available to download in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Tigrinya. There are also other translated wellbeing resources that you may find useful.

Translated resources

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