An increase in knife crime

Discuss how to defuse tension and avoid conflict, and the first aid for someone with a heavy bleed.

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There has recently been a spate of violence across London and knife crime among young people is on the rise in the UK. The reasons behind this are complex. These activities will explore the different aspects of knife crime, from ways to avoid conflict to first aid for someone with a heavy bleed.

Please be sensitive to the personal experiences that some learners may have of this subject, and suggest that they do not take part in the discussion if this subject is too upsetting for them.

Learning objectives

Learners will:

  • discuss different aspects of knife crime
  • consider the best ways of avoiding confrontation
  • learn the first aid for helping someone with a heavy bleed.

Resource overview

  1. Avoiding knives
    Learners discuss what they could say if they knew that a friend was carrying a knife, and who they could speak to if they were concerned.
  2. Intervention
    This activity encourages learners to consider what the best ways of avoiding conflict are if they find themselves in a tense situation.
  3. First aid
    A photo activity to help learners understand the steps for helping someone with a heavy bleed.


This resource was written by P J White of Alt62 and published in April 2018.

The image of someone with a heavy bleed being helped © Jonathan Banks/British Red Cross.