Diaspora Humanitarian Partnership Programme – Grants opportunity

The Diaspora Programme has launched a grant for diaspora focused organisations for their humanitarian or social work.

What is the Diaspora Humanitarian Partnership Programme?

Through the Diaspora Humanitarian Partnership Programme, we are piloting ways to discover how to broaden and deepen our relationships with diaspora groups in the UK. The grant programme, outlined below, is aimed at engaging with diaspora communities.

Grant opportunity

We are offering small (up to £5,000) to medium-size grants (up to £30,000) to diaspora focused organisations for their humanitarian and/or social work either in the UK or in response to crises abroad. The grants aim to focus on developing and strengthening the organisations' capacities and/or existing activities.

For the purposes of this programme, a ‘diaspora focused organisation’ is any organisation, group or network which is diaspora led or working with UK-based diaspora communities. 

Please view the documents below for further information about the grant, including eligibility.

Deadline for grant applications

Application forms can be found below. The deadline for applications is 26 March 2023. Please email your completed form to diaspora@redcross.org.uk

Help with your grant application

You can get support and advice on how to write your application from your local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) or get in touch with us: diaspora@redcross.org.uk.

We will also be offering a one hour Q&A session to answer any questions related to the grant application. This session is likely to take place on 15 March. If you are interested in taking part in this session, please email us at diaspora@redcross.org.uk.