Borrow a wheelchair

Borrow or hire a wheelchair from the British Red Cross for a single trip or for short-term use.

We provide wheelchairs:

  • you can push yourself (self-propelled)
  • someone else can push (transit)
  • to suit your size and weight – from extra small (suitable for children over five) to extra large
  • with accessories (eg leg extension).

How it works

You can find your nearest service and contact them directly.
We’ll need to know:

  • the approximate weight of the wheelchair user
  • if they have health conditions that may prevent them using it
  • when they need the wheelchair.

You can then:

  • visit your local service to collect your wheelchair
  • arrange home delivery (for an extra fee).

Bring some photo identification, eg passport or driving licence, and proof of your address.

You can keep a wheelchair for up to six weeks (with a possible extension to 12).

Our video guides and instruction leaflets explain how to use your wheelchair safely

How much it costs

This depends on where you live. In most places we ask for a donation, although in a few locations we charge for the service. You won’t be turned away if you can’t afford this.

Please contact your local service for more detailed information.

You can also buy a wheelchair from us.

Returning your wheelchair

Contact your nearest service to arrange to return your wheelchair. 
It’s important that you return your wheelchair on the date agreed so we can offer it to someone else who might need it.

Find out why you may not get a wheelchair from the NHS

This page is available in Welsh (Cymraeg).