Payroll giving

Making a regular donation through your pay to the British Red Cross is easier than you think.

This page is available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

A regular donation in your pay to the British Red Cross costs less than you think.

Donations are taken from your pay before tax. If you pledge to give £10 a month, it will only cost you £8 if you are a standard rate tax payer.

Regular donations give the British Red Cross a reliable source of income. This allows us to respond quickly to emergencies in the UK and abroad.

How to donate in your pay

  • If you earn a salary or pension and your employer deducts Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax, you can donate in your pay.

  • If your employer already supports payroll giving, speak to them about setting up your monthly gift.

  • If your employer doesn’t support payroll giving, they can easily set up the scheme by contacting Charities Aid Foundation. Or they can select from any of the HMRC-approved Payroll Giving Agencies.

  • It takes one to two months before the first gift is taken from your wages. Don’t worry if your donation doesn’t appear in your next pay packet.

  • To stop donating or change the amount you give, contact your payroll department.

  • Changing job and want to continue donating in your pay? You’ll need to set up a new gift by following the same process with your new employer.