How your business can support our work

Your unique talents can help people in crisis

Mother in Kenya feeding her baby supplement food.

A mother feeding her baby in Kenya

Support from our corporate partners allows us to help vulnerable people in the UK and overseas:

UK causes and projects

Our partnerships help more than a million people in the UK every year. 

This includes support in emergencies, help for refugees, first aid training and more.

Independent living

The UK has an ageing population. Social care is becoming an increasingly important issue.

As a partner you can help support elderly and vulnerable people, together we can help them to live independently in their own homes.

Crisis response

Our partners give us the resources to support vulnerable communities.

British Red Cross emergency teams help people across the UK. With your backing, we can ensure everyone gets the support they need in a crisis.

Support for refugees

Our services for refugees are more important than ever.

We help refugees integrate in the UK. We also reunite families that have been separated.

Support from our partners is essential. It allows us to identify and help the people who need our help most.

First aid training

Everyone should know what to do in a crisis. But only one in 20 people in the UK say they are confident, willing and able to provide first aid in a crisis.

With your support, we can teach people around the country how to react in a crisis.

International causes and projects

The British Red Cross helps people in crisis wherever they are. 

With support from our corporate partners, we help vulnerable people recover from emergencies. This includes conflicts, disease outbreaks and natural disasters.

Preparing for disasters

We work closely with vulnerable communities. We teach them how to prepare for disasters such as flooding, fires and drought.

Our corporate partners play a vital role. They give us the resources we need to make communities more resilient.

Disaster response

When disaster strikes, the Red Cross is usually first on the scene.

Our corporate partners help by pre-investing in our Disaster Fund and Disaster Relief Alliance. This allows us to react immediately when the worst happens.

Our partners also help by funding our emergency appeals.

Disaster recovery

In the aftermath of an emergency, we help to reduce the risk of disease. Through our construction programmes we also play a key role in rebuilding communities.

In addition, we give cash support to local businesses and farmers.

With our partners’ support, we help local people to get back on their feet.

To find out more about partnering with the British Red Cross, please get in touch.