The British Red Cross’ sound archive

Everyone has a story to tell: Listen to the voices of our volunteers and staff sharing their stories.

The story of the British Red Cross is the story of the volunteers and staff who have dedicated themselves to the humanitarian cause. 


But when we look back on our history through our museum and archive collections, we don’t always see the full diversity of our past and present reflected. To preserve these voices for the future, we are interviewing staff and volunteers from minoritised ethnic groups so they can tell their stories in their own voice.


This is an ongoing project. If you’re a volunteer or staff member, past or present, and are interested in talking to us and having your interview preserved in our archive, email


Listen to some clips from the interviews below and go to our online catalogue to find the full interviews and transcripts.

Why did you join the British Red Cross?

"The British Red Cross was able to offer me an opportunity where actually I could utilise all my skills and have a wider reach across everyone." - Fran

What, or who, inspires you? 

"If you really want to make a difference, you’ve got to stand up, and you’ve got to do it." - Fran

What does it mean to be part of the British Red Cross team?

"We feel very empowered to empower other people, and particularly people in need." - Tala

What have been some memorable moments in your role?

"I just remember that it was a cold night, and kids laughing, laughing and just rushing down the stairs, because they’d, they'd got somewhere safe." - Carney

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