Providing food, water and other essentials to people caught up in conflict

With the conflict in Syria now in its ninth year, over 11.7 million people need help. More than 11.6 million people have fled their homes because of fighting and 5 million now live as refugees.

Coronavirus in Syria

Coronavirus is now a serious problem in Syria, especially among the 100,000 people still living in camps where social distancing is practically impossible.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent has more than 8,300 staff and volunteers directly involved in the COVID-19 response. The focus is on providing healthcare services for the most vulnerable people, as well as clean water. We’re also helping to raise awareness of the virus so people can stay safe from infection.

Ongoing work in Syria

Your support of the Syria Crisis Appeal will help the Red Cross and our partner the Syrian Arab Red Crescent provide food, mattresses, blankets and vital services. We will also work with our partners to reach Syrian refugees living in nearby countries.

Together with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, we can deliver emergency aid across front lines to reach people most in need. Food, water, blankets, soap and other essentials are all included.

What we’re doing in Syria: in numbers

  • With the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, we have helped over 5 million people since the conflict began.
  • This includes providing over 580,000 food items.
  • People have received over 1.5 million other items such as blankets and mattresses.
  • We’re also helping thousands of people to learn new skills and earn a living by growing vegetables and farming sheep.

Help for families in Lebanon

Of the 5 million people who live in Lebanon, more than 1 million are Syrian refugees. 

Together with the Lebanese Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross, we have supported over 1,800 people in Lebanon to start their own businesses.

The money they earn will enable refugees and host communities to buy what they need most. It also puts more money into the local economy.

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