Managing your worries exercise

Manage your worries by doing the exercise below:

  1. Go to a quiet area in your home.
  2. Rate your anxiety between 1 and 10.
  3. Find a comfortable chair and sit up tall, with your spine straight and relaxing your shoulders.
  4. Place your feet on the floor (barefooted).
  5. Take slow, deep breaths in and out until you for a rhythm.
  6. How many windows do you see?
  7. How many doors do you see?
  8. How many electrical devices do you see? Are any of them making noises? What do they sound like?
  9. What colour is your top? What does the material feel like?
  10. What does the chair you're sitting on feel like?
  11. What does the floor feel like? Is it smooth or rough? Cold or warm? Hard or soft? Are there any imperfections in it? What do you see?
  12. What can you hear in the background?
  13. As you are breathing deeply, can you smell anything? Is it nice?
  14. What kind of feeling do you have in your mouth right now? Can you taste anything?
  15. Name your favourite TV show.
  16. Name all the shapes you can think of.
  17. Name the funniest films you have ever seen.
  18. Name your favourite countries.
  19. Rate your anxiety between 1 and 10 again.
  20. If it is still over 5, repeat the exercise.