How to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine

Find out how to support the people of Ukraine and about our Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Are you wondering how you can help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine?

On this page you'll find information about how to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. 

If you want to quickly provide aid to Ukraine today, the best way is to donate to the British Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

How is the British Red Cross supporting Ukrainians arriving in the UK?

The British Red has now supported more than 68,000 people displaced from Ukraine who have arrived in the UK.

Our volunteer and staff teams are providing psychosocial and practical support. This includes things like food, water, hygiene items, nappies, a hot cup or tea or coffee, and essentials to help people keep in touch, like SIM cards, mobile phones and chargers. 

We're also providing translated welcome packs about life in the UK. On some occasions, we are also providing people with mobility aid, such as wheelchairs. 


  • Our phone line has answered over 83,000 calls.
  • We’ve distributed over 23,000  SIM cards, helping people to stay in touch with their loved ones.
  • We’ve also distributed £3.1m in emergency cash-based assistance to 68,000 people.
  • Our refugee services have helped over 3,800 Ukrainians in the UK who are struggling with accommodation, food, basic supplies, and access to welfare benefits. 


How is the British Red Cross supporting those affected by the fighting in Ukraine? 

Over the last two years, the Red Cross Movement has reached 18 million people with humanitarian support.


How can we help Ukrainian refugees?

The best ways we can help refugees from Ukraine is to donate to The Red Cross's Ukraine Crisis Appeal, or sign up to host a refugee in your home, under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Unfortunately, The Red Cross are not accepting requests to send clothes or other goods to refugees in Ukraine. Although we appreciate your generosity and kindness, we can only accept monetary donations right now.


Can I host Ukrainian refugees in the UK?

Yes, you can under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. The government has announced that the UK will welcome as many Ukrainians as needed through the scheme, but this relies on sponsors.

Under the scheme, Ukrainians will have access to public services, work and benefits.

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Is the British Red Cross collecting food, clothes, medical supplies and other essentials for Ukraine?

We are not currently accepting items such as clothes, food or medical supplies for Ukraine. These kind offers are really appreciated, and we do understand that not everyone is in a position to give money right now, but we can only accept money for emergency appeals.

Items have to be sorted, cleaned, and transported, which slows down our response.

Sending money means we can help with whatever is needed, source things locally, and transport items quickly. It also means volunteers can concentrate on the response, rather than sorting and transporting donations.

Find out more about how the Red Cross' emergency appeals work


I've got items I’ve collected/would like to take to Ukraine but it’s not possible. What can I do?

There are lots of ways you can turn things you’d like to donate into money for the Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

If you have donated items, like clothing, blankets or other things, you can:

  • Sell things on eBay and direct the proceeds to the appeal (see non-profit advice from eBay)
  • Organise a sale, or offer items in return for a donation to the appeal


Can I volunteer with the Red Cross in Ukraine?

Currently, we are not sending volunteers from the UK to Ukraine. This includes medical and logistical experts. Our teams there have told us that the best way to support the response in Ukraine is to raise funds. This is our focus, through our emergency appeal. Donate now to the Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

We don’t have any other volunteering roles in the UK to support people affected by the conflict in Ukraine specifically. We are constantly monitoring the evolving situation and will keep our volunteering page updated with opportunities. Understand more about why we don't provide volunteering abroad.


Can you help a friend or family member leave Ukraine?

If you are concerned about a British family member in Ukraine, please contact the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office by emailing or by calling 020 7008 5000.

For British nationals who need assistance, consular support is still available through the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office 24-hour helpline:

  • +380 44 490 3660 (from Ukraine)  
  • +44 (0) 1908 516666 (from the UK)


How can people in Ukraine contact the local Red Cross branch to get help?

Please find contact details for the Ukrainian Red Cross local branches here

There is also some useful information for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine on this page.


Is the Red Cross providing support to people looking for missing family members?

Missing people are one of the Red Cross’ top priorities. Long before this escalation in fighting, the ICRC and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society worked closely with families of the missing, to help them to find answers about what happened to their loved ones.

Remember that our humanitarian services are free.


Can I fundraise for Ukraine and give the proceeds to the British Red Cross?

Yes, you can organise a fundraising event to support people in Ukraine. To discuss this, please get in touch: 0300 456 1005 (calls are charged at standard UK landline rate). 

You can also email us at or register your interest in a fundraising event.


How can I fundraise to support the Ukraine Crisis Appeal?

There are also lots of creative ways you can get involved to support the appeal, for example:

  • Streaming or gaming, via a gameathon or live stream
  • Host a cake sale
  • Host a Red Cross ‘cup of kindness’ tea party (online or in real life)
  • Sponsored challenges – hold a sponsored silence, sponsored walk or think up your own challenge
  • Bag packing at supermarkets in return for donations
  • Set up a Facebook fundraiser to raise money from your social network
  • We also have lots of ideas for virtual events, from quizzes to book clubs
  • Swap your skills for donations, by holding an online or in-person tutorial. Share your cooking, language or music skills and raise money at the same time

Find more fundraising ideas in the British Red Cross fundraising packs. You can also learn more about virtual fundraising.