Climate change education resources

Use these free teaching resources and climate change classroom activities to learn about extreme weather events in the UK and beyond.

Climate change education

The British Red Cross created these free education resources about climate change to help people prepare for and cope with extreme weather events and the negative effects of climate change.

Learn about weather-related topics including heatwaves, floods and eco-anxiety with these climate change activities, and be prepared the next time you face extreme weather.

This is a teaching resources page. For information on how the British Red Cross helps people prepare for and deal with the impacts of climate change, visit the What we do section.

Free resources on this page include:

  • Weather Together: A teacher toolkit
  • Newsthinks: Topical resources about climate change
  • The pillowcase project: an emergency preparedness resource
  • Practical activities 
  • Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate centre resources

Weather Together toolkit: a resource for UK teachers and students

A climate change education toolkit to teach 10-16-year-olds how to prepare for and cope with extreme weather events, including resources on flood risk, how to prepare for the next heatwave, and eco-anxiety.

Watch the video to learn more about Weather Together and how to use the climate change resources in your classroom.

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