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Resources are packed full of ideas to help young people explore current affairs and the world around them from a humanitarian perspective. The resource uses real-life examples through film clips, photographs and stories linked to the news to prompt discussion and to develop critical thinking and media literacy.

safe learning environment

Age: 5-19

Type: Teacher briefing

Subjects: PSHE, Citizenship

Create a safe and inclusive learning environment that support your pupils to explore sensitive or challenging content in engaging and safe ways.

  • Conflict
  • Disasters and emergencies
  • First aid and the bystander effect
People help a man with a heavy bleed.

Age: 11-19

Type: Lesson plan, Newsthink

Subjects: PSHE, Tutor time

Look at different aspects of knife crime, including ways to avoid conflict and first aid for a heavy bleed.

  • First aid and the bystander effect
  • Newsthink