Retail volunteering

Become an eBay image editor

Join us in raising vital funds to help people in crisis

Want to reach out and make a difference even when you're short on time?

Sign up today for our virtual 30 minute eBay image editing opportunity.

Got 30 minutes?

If so, you will be providing invaluable help in the operation of our eBay centre by editing photographs for our eBay store in preparation for listing. We are looking for people to across the UK to help edit images: lightening/darkening, cropping, tilting. This is a virtual role, so you can be sat anywhere at almost any time. You’ll access 3-5 images, edit them, and send them back to us-simple as that.

This opportunity is available on a weekly rota basis from Tuesday 5pm and finishes Friday 9am each week.

Images are what will make or break a sale. The seller with the better images and better listings will come out on top.

With approximately 350 shops across the UK, we raise vital funds and represent the British Red Cross both on the High Street and in the local community. Our eBay shop is a key component of this operation preparing, promoting and delivering an exciting rage of items for sale online across the UK.

How to apply

If you are over 18 years old, have 30 minutes, and think you’d be interested in joining us, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.