First aid true stories

Do you really need to learn first aid skills? How useful could they be in your day-to-day life? Read our true stories and see for yourself.

First aid true stories

We love to hear from people who have helped in a first aid emergency. We share these stories in our first aid blog, on our social media channels, in our newsletters and sometimes in the media, as they help to spread the word about the importance of learning first aid.

If you have a first aid story to share, please email us with your name, telephone number and some brief details about what happened.

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Read people's stories

Hanna’s story

"She is a little girl, she is only 10 and she wouldn’t have known what to do if she hadn’t been taught at school.”

When 10-year-old Hanna’s mum collapsed, she was able to help immediately because she learned first aid in school.

Stephen’s story

“I remembered what to do because I had learned at first aid club.”

Because Stephen, aged eight, learned first aid at school, he was able to help a stranger who had collapsed on his street.

Leanne’s story

"How I helped my baby having a febrile seizure"

When Leanne spotted her baby having a febrile seizure, her first aid knowledge helped give her daughter the support she needed.

Vikki’s story

"I never want to hear that sound again."

Mum Vikki describes the terrifying moment when her baby daughter got burned.

Tim’s story

"I knew I needed to remain calm."

Tim knew how to help when his colleague Tony was having a heart attack.

Gemma’s story

"She wasn't making any noise at all"

When two-year-old Seven choked on a plastic toy brick, her mum Gemma remembered what she’d learned from a British Red Cross video on Facebook and acted quickly.

Joanne’s story

"He went very stiff and fell to the floor."

Thanks to Joanne’s first aid knowledge, she knew just what to do when her friend Alan collapsed. 

Helen’s story

"Knowing first aid helped me save a motorcyclist’s life."

Helen' first aid knowledge saved a life when she helped a motorcyclist with a badly severed leg.

Claire’s story

"I had to lean her forward, not back."

When it comes to nosebleeds, a lot of people aren't sure what to do. Luckily, Claire did and was able to help her daughter.