Borrow a commode or toileting aids

You can borrow or hire a commode, toilet seat or toilet frame for short-term use.

This page is available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

We can provide a:

  • commode
  • toilet seat
  • toilet frame.

You can also buy these from us.


How it works

You can find your local service and contact them directly.
You can then:

  • visit your local service to collect your commode or toilet aids
  • arrange home delivery (for an extra fee).

Bring some photo identification, eg passport or driving licence, and proof of your address.

You can keep your commode, toilet seat or toilet frame for up to six weeks (with a possible extension to 12 weeks).

Our video guides and instruction leaflets explain how to use your toilet aids safely.

How much it costs

We charge a small amount for the commode pot, which can’t be reused. We’ll ask for a donation for the other equipment.

Returning your commode, seat or frame

It’s important to return your commode, seat or frame on the date agreed. You don’t need to return the commode pot.

Contact your local service to arrange to return your commode or toilet aids.