Learning how to manage worries and make decisions during Covid-19

Develop skills to help you manage worries and decision making around Covid-19 vaccination

Use the video activities below to develop ways to manage worries and make informed decisions.  

You can start by reading the stories of others thoughts about Covid-19 vaccination to reflect on their worries and hopes, and how they made their decisions. 

Managing worries during Covid-19

Having worries, especially in challenging situations, is normal. Yet, it is important to be able to manage worries well, by understanding what we can and cannot control. 

Watch the video below to explore the circles of control method for managing worries. 

Read the video transcript

Reflect on the vaccine stories 

Read the stories and see if you can identify the person’s worries in each story. What worries did they have and which ones could they control? What did they do the help manage that worry? 

Manage your own worries

Now think about yourself. What worries do you have? Go through the circles of control activity. Write down all the things that are worrying you and decide if these are things you can or cannot control.  

Then think about what positive actions you can take to manage those controllable worries. 

Making confident decisions during Covid-19 

After you’ve worked through your worries, you can think about making a decision with confidence

Again, watch the video below for some guidance on confident decision making.

Read the video transcript

Reflect on the vaccine stories 

Read the stories and look at the reasons that people gave for getting vaccinated. What things were important to them, are these important to you too? Sometimes we can focus too much on our personal worries and forget about the hopes and potential benefits of something. 

Think about the worries and the hopes they presented. What convinced them to make their decisions in the end?  

You can use the steps in the video to write down their reasons for and against. 

Helping you decide 

Now think about how you feel. Weigh up the positives and the negatives you can think of around vaccinations. 

Sometimes, we don’t have all the answers, but we can still help ourselves feel as confident as possible about our decision. 

It can be easy to focus on the worries and risks, remember to spend time thinking about the hopes as well. 

Review and reflect

  • How did you find these activities?  
  • How can you use these techniques to help you in your day to day life?

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