Coping with stress

 Our activities can help reduce the symptoms of stress and help you to feel less lonely.

What is stress?


The NHS describes stress as ‘the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure’. Stress can produce both physical and mental symptoms, can affect everybody differently and anybody can experience it.


  • What does ‘stress’ mean to you? Note down five things that you think about when you hear the word stress.

  • Consider why you chose those five things. What feelings and thoughts do they suggest? You may wish to draw or write down how thinking about stress has made you feel.

Ways to reduce stress

Find out about other methods to see how they can help you to reduce stress. Which ones do you think work best for you and why?

  • Eating and sleeping well

  • Physical exercise or activities

  • Breathing and relaxation exercises

  • Time management 

  • Talking with other people


Relaxation activity

Relaxation is an important way to reduce stress. Here is a technique that might help you.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere that you think is calming (it could be a beach, the woods, or your front room). Picture the scene. Breathe slowly and deeply as you imagine it. Do this for 30 seconds or more. If you are tense, picture the scene again. 

How did you feel when you pictured the scene? What could you do to feel like that again when you are stressed?

Visit the NHS or Mind websites for more information on stress and ideas for how to cope. If you have serious concerns, please contact your GP.

Helping others

You can also help others by listening to them. How is this a kind act?

Can you think of anyone you can help in this way?

Listening can be a kind act

More resources that can help you

The British Red Cross has created a range of resources for building confidence and connecting with others. You can find out more about the project, or click the links below to get started.

Make connections

Build coping skills