Ed Sheeran - Shape of Him

Learn about the first aid for a broken bone after Ed Sheeran's cycling accident.

Ed Sheeran - Shape of him
Lesson plan
First aid and the bystander effect, Newsthink

In October 2017, singer Ed Sheeran was cycling quickly down a steep hill when he came off his bike and broke his wrist, elbow and a rib. He had to cancel concerts and was told he would be unable to play the guitar for four weeks.

This activity introduces the first aid skill for helping someone with a broken bone, and encourages young people to consider how this kind of injury could affect their daily life, how they might feel and what might help.


Learning objectives

Learners will:

  • learn how to help somebody with a broken bone
  • consider how someone with an injury may be feeling
  • discuss how they could adapt their lives if they had an injury.


Resource overview

1. Starter

Identify the person in the photo and what has happened.

2. Discussion

Consider how someone with an injury might feel.

3. Activity grid

Think about how you would adapt your daily activities if you had an injury.

4. Plenary

Identify three things you could do to help a friend with an injury.


This resource was written by P J White of Alt62 and published in November 2017.

The photo of a man with his arm in a sling © Highwaystarz-Photography/iStock.