First aid in focus

Would you feel confident to help in a first aid emergency? Explore the importance of learning first aid and learn some simple skills.

A girl calls 999 on her mobile phone for first aid advice as a young man lies on the ground with his eyes closed.
Lesson plan
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Newsthink, First aid and the bystander effect

World First Aid Day took place on 14 September and is an important day to raise awareness of the value of learning first aid. The British Red Cross helps children, young people and adults to feel confident and ready to help people who need first aid. This is an important part of empowering us to look after others in our communities.

First aid will be added to the school curriculum in England from 2020: it is a valuable skill that is engaging to learn, simple to teach and easy to remember. You can find activities to teach first aid here.

Learning objectives

Learners will:

  • understand the importance of first aid and being able to help in an emergency
  • learn about the steps to take to help someone
  • practise actions to take in various common first aid situations.

Resource overview

1. Discussion: First response

As a group, discuss how confident the learners would feel in stepping forward to help someone with first aid and why we should all learn first aid.

2. Extension activity: Role-play

In small groups, learners will be given a first aid scenario to act out. They will practise the first aid skill and show the group to review the steps to help.


This activity was written by Nick Hunter and published in September 2019.

Image © Jonathan Banks/British Red Cross.