The Snowman™ and the Snowdog kindness calendar

Children are encouraged to learn about and practise kindness this December with The Snowman™ and The Snowdog in our new kindness calendar.

The Snowman, Snowdog and a little boy flying through the air
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This year we’ve seen the power of small acts of kindness. What better way to bring 2020 to a close than to celebrate kindness and friendship with our new kindness calendar featuring The Snowman and The Snowdog in partnership with Snowdog Enterprises Ltd.

Our new kindness calendar includes a range of fun activities featuring our friends The Snowman and The Snowdog. The beloved characters will help children (ages 5-11) learn about kindness, the importance of having connections and friendships with others and how to cope with change.  

About the free digital pack

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it together as a class, as an individual or as a family.  The activities can be used at the start of the day or as energisers throughout the day, each lasting 10-20 minutes. Use the pack with children aged 5 to 11 to encourage daily acts of kindness and further explore topics relating to kindness and friendship. Each activity contains suggested timings, learning objectives and step by step instructions.

  • December kindness calendar: with suggested kind acts. When you have completed a kind act, children can tick or colour in the snowflake for that day. 
  • Quick educational activities that children can do at home or at school.
  • Activities exploring the meaning of kindness and friendship. Children will think about and understand other people’s feelings and explore how change can affect us.
  • Images and text from the story of The Snowman and The Snowdog, the sequel to Raymond Briggs’ much-loved picture book The Snowman. 
  • Creative activities: ways to get involved with seasonal kindness cards and colouring activities.  
  • A certificate: a special certificate to help learners celebrate acts of kindness.

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Download your kindness calendar (PDF 16MB)


The British Red Cross is a licensing partner with Snowdog Enterprises.

The Snowman and The Snowdog are used with permission and under licence from Snowdog Enterprises Ltd.

Snowdog Enterprises Limited 2020

THE SNOWMAN™ © Snowdog Enterprises Limited 2020

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