Conflict and its consequences

Our free teaching resources look at the impact of conflict and help young people to understand the laws which help to protect people in conflict zones.

Explore conflict and its consequences with our free lesson plans, ideal for History and Citizenship teachers.

Get primary and secondary teaching ideas about:

  • past and present-day conflicts, such as World War One or the conflict in Syria
  • the rules of war and what constitutes a violation of International Humanitarian Law
  • the humanitarian impact of conflict, and what it might be like to live in a war zone
  • how people like aid workers, child soldiers and prisoners of war are affected by conflict.

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Children in class with their hands up.

Age: 5-19

Type: Teaching guide

Subjects: Cross-curricular

Download a Red Cross poster for primary and secondary schools.

  • Conflict
  • Disasters and emergencies
  • First aid and the bystander effect
RS33912_7 (1)

Age: 14-19

Type: Lesson plan, video

Subjects: Citizenship, PSHE

Use these thought-provoking activities to help young people explore International Humanitarian Law and how it is applied in situations of armed conflict.

  • Conflict
Soldiers in the trenches in WWI.

Age: 14-19

Type: Lesson plan, video

Subjects: Citizenship, Drama, English

Learn more about World War One and what it might have been like to “go over the top” using an impactful film to explore the humanitarian impact of armed conflict.

  • Conflict
WWI Operation Ouch

Age: 7-11

Type: Teaching package, film

Subjects: History

Help children explore the impact of World War One on those affected through a series of curriculum-linked lesson plans.

  • Conflict
Adults listening during workshop

Age: 14-16

Type: Teaching package

Subjects: Citizenship

Explore issues of justice and fairness through the lens of international humanitarian law.

  • Conflict
A child soldier

Age: 14-19

Type: Lesson plan

Subjects: Citizenship

Lesson plan exploring child soldiers and how some armies and militias forcibly recruit young people into armed conflict.

  • Conflict