Disasters and emergencies

Consider the impact of disasters and emergencies and help young people prepare for and cope with a crisis.

Explore the topic of disasters and emergencies with our free lesson plans and teaching materials, which are ideal for Citizenship, PSHE and Geography teachers.

Get primary and secondary teaching ideas about:

  • natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and typhoons
  • emergencies such as terrorist attacks or transport accidents
  • extreme weather like droughts or flooding.

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Group of young teenagers holding a discussion in a circle.

Age: 11-19

Type: Lesson plan

Subjects: Citizenship, PSHE

Support young people to discuss and explore their emotions following news of a major emergency.

  • Disasters and emergencies
Children standing in the aftermath of an earthquake

Age: 11-19

Type: Teaching package, images, videos, case studies

Subjects: Geography

Explore how individuals and communities prepare for and respond to life-changing natural disasters and learn how the Red Cross helps communities recover and build resilience.

  • Disasters and emergencies
People hold placards as they take part in a vigil for the victims of an attack on concert-goers at Manchester Arena on 23 May 2017.

Age: 11-19

Type: Lesson plan, Photo

Subjects: PSHE, Tutor time

Help young people talk about the attack on Manchester Arena in May 2017 and explore the roles of practical help and emotional support.

  • Disasters and emergencies
  • Humanitarianism and the Red Cross
  • Newsthink
Helicopter landing

Age: 7-19

Type: Quick activity

Subjects: PSHE

Teaching ideas which help learners explore the phonetic alphabet, as used by the International Civil Aviation Authority.

  • Disasters and emergencies
Schoolchildren during an earthquake drill.

Age: 5-11

Type: Lesson plan

Subjects: PSHE, Geography

Introduce young learners to the concept of emergencies and being prepared.

  • Disasters and emergencies
Young people having a serious discussion

Age: All


Talking about terrorist attacks with students

  • Disasters and emergencies