Ben Fogle reached the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal after months of training. 

man and woman in hiking gear on a snowy mountain

01 May 2018

Everest Challenge

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Ben took on this huge challenge in support of the British Red Cross.

Mike Adamson, British Red Cross chief executive, said: “We are delighted, overjoyed and overwhelmed with gratitude that Ben Fogle has conquered Everest.

“All of us at the British Red Cross send Ben our heartfelt congratulations, wish him all the best and look forward to welcoming him home.

“He has managed an extraordinary feat and we are honoured to be part of his effort.”

We asked Ben Fogle why he has taken on this challenge.

“The Red Cross is one of the most iconic images in the world. For me it represents a selfless organisation that has changed and saved the lives of countless people around the globe through safety, compassion, help and reassurance.

“I have seen the iconic cross in countless corners of the world.

“In 2017, the unthinkable happened when Grenfell tower set ablaze with the loss of so many lives. Living in the shadow of the tower, we watched helplessly as the heroic emergency services battled the inferno.

“And suddenly, those Red Cross vehicles were in my neighbourhood. On my street. Not tackling a natural disaster in the Philippines or a humanitarian crisis in Africa but in North Kensington in London."

"I realised that in my worldwide focus I had completely overlooked the vital and life changing work the Red Cross does here in my homeland. 

"I asked myself what I could do to help?

"It seemed only right that I use the climb to highlight the invaluable work the Red Cross does around the globe both at home and abroad and also to celebrate you, the volunteers and staff who make it all possible.”

Note: Victoria Pendleton has announced that she has had to leave the expedition team on medical advice.

“I am incredibly disappointed not to complete the challenge,” Victoria said.

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