Donation Dash

Join us for a 12-hour livestreamed marathon in which 12 content creators compete to fundraise for the British Red Cross.

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08 May 2024


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What is Donation Dash?

Donation Dash is a 12-hour livestreamed marathon on Twitch. 12 content creators compete to fundraise in two teams to raise money for the British Red Cross.

The money raised from this campaign goes towards all British Red Cross services in the UK and across the globe. Whether that is supporting a family affected by a housefire in Yorkshire or thousands of people devastated by an earthquake in Türkiye-Syria.

How does it work?

12 creators are selected to take part in the event, they are split into two teams of six. Each creator has a two-hour slot to fundraise as much as they can for their team, before passing their viewers onto the next member of their squad. This continues until all 12 creators from each time have fundraised, then a winner is crowned.

When is it?

Donation Dash takes place across a 12-hour window, at different intervals throughout the year.

The next event is 8 May 2024, in celebration of Red Cross Day.

Who can take part?

Donation Dash is an invitational event, meaning we select the 12 creators that take part for each iteration of the event. 

Get in touch if you would like to register your interest in Donation Dash.