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Sunil Peck photo

Sunil Peck
Media officer

I’ve always admired the compassion and dedication of British Red Cross volunteers. But for me, the Movement is special because of its commitment to recruiting more disabled volunteers and staff.

That compassion has been shown to me by every colleague I have worked with during my time here as a press officer. They bend over backwards to make it easier for me as a blind person to do my job.

They give me electronic versions of presentations to convert to Braille before meetings, accompany me to meetings in areas where I would struggle to find the location alone and constantly ask what they can do to make the workplace more inclusive.

I promote Red Cross services and support staff and volunteers to profile their work in the media, across the Midlands where I’m based.

It’s a privilege to help raise the profile of the outstanding work the Red Cross does. It’s also tremendously satisfying to be given the support I need to do my job to the best of my ability.

William Nonge, refugee services manager

William Nonge
Services manager

I joined the British Red Cross in December 2002 as a volunteer, providing interpreting and orientation support to newly arrived asylum seekers. Then in August 2003, I was offered a casual part-time role as a project co-ordinator and two years later I became a service co-ordinator.

I lacked the confidence to aspire to career progression within the organisation due to various reasons – such as my ethnic background (African Bantu) and my noticeable accent. However, with the support from my line manager, I was able to invest in my development and aspire to a managerial position, which became a reality in February 2011.

I am now service manager for refugee support in Greater Manchester. My work involves recruiting and providing support to six members of staff, and ensuring smooth service delivery. Through the years the organisation is becoming increasingly culturally intelligent, and I have enjoyed working with people of all ages and backgrounds.