Red Cross international work: How we're helping the world

The Red Cross provides international aid to help people around the world in emergencies and support refugees and survivors of trafficking, and those facing chronic hunger. 

Often within hours of an emergency – or even before it’s happened – our emergency response units in the local Red Cross or Red Crescent National Society are on the ground keeping people safe. We work as part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, with millions of volunteers across 192 countries helping around the world to prevent or ease human suffering.

Humanitarian crises in the Middle East and Sudan

Thousands have been killed and hundreds more injured due to the escalating conflict in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Over the last year, Sudan has faced conflict between Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), leading to an urgent need for humanitarian aid.

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A mother and her two children who have fled conflict in Sudan and are seeking refuge in Chad.

A Sudanese family who fled to neighbouring Chad are being supported by a Red Cross volunteer. PHOTO: IFRC/Chad Red Cross.

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We specialise in getting the right aid to the right place as quickly as possible, following international humanitarian law of armed conflict, and helping to build strong communities that can withstand and recover from disasters.  

Where we're currently working

Alongside the emergency response in Sudan and the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel, Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world are constantly working to help people in need. 

What does the British Red Cross do internationally?

We are a neutral, independent and impartial organisation, guided by seven fundamental principles. Our neutrality allows us to reach people caught up in conflicts or other crises across the world.  When these emergencies cause people to flee their homes, the Red Cross provides disaster relief, helping make sure they have food, shelter and other help they need. We also support those facing chronic hunger.  


The British Red Cross' Global Surge Team

For our Global Surge Team, the front line of a disaster is only ever 48 hours away. When needed, they support all 192 international Red Cross and Red Crescent societies before, during and after a disaster strikes. 

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